I was talking to a friend over the weekend, and we ended up on the subject of blogging. She loves the idea of blogging, but can’t think of things to write about on a regular basis. So I asked her if she used Google Alerts.

Google Alerts is a free service you can sign up for that will let you know every time your keywords are found by Google’s search robots.

For example, I’m subscribed to Google Alerts for the keywords “photography business”. Anytime that anything comes through Google with that search result, I receive a notification as to where on the Internet they exist. Because this particular key phrase is fairly common, I receive one email every day, and usually with a dozen or so links.

google alerts

The great thing about Google Alerts is you can put in as many words and phrases as you choose. Also consider using it for your name and your business name – I have it set up for “Lori Osterberg” and my business name and websites. This keeps you up to date if anyone is talking about you online.

By using Google Alerts for your keywords and key phrases, you can find a lot of ideas for future blog posts. You’ll be led to other websites and blogs with ideas you can continue on with. And you’ll receive news and press releases on brand new items coming out that you can alert your readers to.

It only takes a couple minutes a day to stay on top of the news. And to make sure you know what is being said about you.


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  1. Stephanie on December 7th, 2009 5:49 am

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